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Long Beach Turns to Online Map for Town Hall Responses

By Kayla knick-kearney | April 19, 2017

The City of Long Beach in California is updating its city plan noise element using feedback from a digital map.

State and Local Government: A Growing Market Beyond the Beltway

By Joseph Morris | March 1, 2017

With uncertainty spreading through the federal government and President Trump expected to cut discretionary spending, including technology, we’re now seeing consulting firms and federal IT vendors suddenly shift course to focus on the state and local government market.

Get the Inside Track on e-Rate with EdTech Navigator

By Joseph Morris | February 13, 2017

EdTech Navigator launched a new feature for our Plus and Premium subscribers that allows users to easily track where and how funds from the e-Rate program are being used.  EdTech Navigator now offers fully interactive data visualizations to search, identify and track which service providers are winning business, where and for how much. These visualizations are fully interactive and leverage the power of Navigator’s search engine allowing members to filter their results by:...

Update: Departures and Appointments of Government IT Leaders

By Maggie Cabrey | January 30, 2017

We here at Navigator are constantly tracking the comings and goings of government IT leaders to make sure you know the right people to contact. Here are some of the major state and local personnel changes from the month of January: Gloucester County, Va., named Rich Erwin director of Information Technology and GIS on Jan. 3, replacing Scott Varner, who resigned in April. Erwin will begin his new position with the city on Feb. 1, bringing with him nearly 25 years of experience in IT....

Navigator’s Top Developing Opportunities and Markets Alerts for October

By Maggie Cabrey | November 1, 2016

Government Navigator posted more than 400 developing opportunities and market alerts last month that highlighted big upcoming deals and important news in government IT. The following opportunities and alerts garnered the most views for the month of October: Developing Opportunities The Bay School Board in Florida Oct. 11 approved preliminary steps for the district's Go Connect 1:1 Middle School Initiative, an effort to give one Chromebook to every middle school student, teacher and...

San Diego, Calif., Office of Education Take ‘Systems Approach’ to Tech Usage

By Maggie Cabrey | October 28, 2016

The Center for Digital Education held its San Diego Market Briefing on Oct. 21, giving IT leaders from area schools, districts and agencies a platform to discuss their future technology plans. At the event, panelist Karen Connaghan, assistant superintendent of Integrated Technology Services for the San Diego County Office of Education, spoke on the agency's four focus areas for this year. Here's a round-up of Connaghan's key points:  1. The office is taking on what Connaghan calls a...

University Presidents and IT Directors on the Move

By Maggie Cabrey | October 24, 2016

From newly appointed presidents to resigning tech managers, higher education institutions have gone through major personnel shifts over the last month. The following is a round-up of Navigator’s daily news updates, called Market Alerts, that highlight some of those changes. University of Michigan appointed Kelli Trosvig as the institution’s first vice president for information technology and chief information officer (VPIT-CIO), effective Nov. 14. Trosvig currently serves as...

October Update: Departures and Appointments of Government IT Leaders

By Maggie Cabrey | October 21, 2016

We here at Navigator are constantly tracking the comings and goings of government IT leaders to make sure you know the right people to contact. Here are some of the major state and local personnel changes from the month of October: North Carolina Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Eric Ellis left his public-sector position earlier this month to join hardware and software reseller SHI International. Former iCenter Deputy Director Deanté Tyler will take over Ellis’...

New E-Rate Functionality Launched

By Joseph Morris | September 22, 2016

We’ve launched our new enhanced E-Rate functionality. Combined with all of the existing functionality that Navigator offers, this new E-Rate offering will make sure that clients can: Access to over 30,000 E-Rate Opportunities We are posting anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000 E-Rate solicitations (form 470’s) annually. Search E-Rate Opportunities (Form 470’s) with Dedicated Search Filters Our members will be able to filter the opportunities they see by E-Rate...

North Carolina IT Department Ramps Up for Next Round of Strategic Planning

By Maggie Cabrey | September 9, 2016

North Carolina Chief Information Officer Keith Werner spoke at the Center for Digital Government's latest Executive Teleconference held last month. As head of the state's Department of Information Technology (DIT), Werner leads statewide IT planning and a broad range of operations including but not limited to procurement and oversight, and project management. At the teleconference, he shed light on North Carolina's IT spending and how DIT handles procurement. Here are a few items that...

Navigator’s New Systems Watch: Easily Track the Biggest Deals in State Government

By Joseph Morris | August 23, 2016

Our new Systems Watch allows you to keep tabs on the largest systems of record within state government. Each state procures, builds and maintains several very large and complex IT systems that are responsible for things such as financial disbursements, social services benefits and taxes. Each of these systems often result in lengthy procurements, high price tags and the presence of a what is referred to as a systems integrator. A systems integrator or SI is a firm that builds systems for...

From zero to $1 million in one month

By Joe Morris | August 23, 2016

One of the unique benefits of Navigator is a database of over 14,000 statewide IT term contracts easily sortable by technology, vendor, reseller and expiration date. This feature recently paid off big-time for a state government sales rep. The sales rep had been working in a northeastern state for three years but hadn’t successfully completed a sale. Recently, the rep took advantage of Navigator’s customized intelligence feed, which sends data about developing opportunities...

CTO Mark Myers Sheds Light on Arkansas' Top Tech Priorities and Projects

By Maggie Cabrey | July 21, 2016

The Center for Digital Government hosted its monthly Executive Teleconference yesterday with Mark Myers, Arkansas’ chief technology officer, broadband manager and director of the Department of Information Systems. A major in the Army Reserves with over 18 years of experience as a communications professional, Myers provided event attendees with great insight on the direction IT is headed in Arkansas. Here are the state’s top tech priorities and some upcoming projects Myers...

Arkansas Information Systems Department Presents IT Recommendations to Legislature

By Maggie Cabrey | July 14, 2016

Last month, the Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS) presented the Joint Committee on Advanced Communications and Information Technology its Advice and Recommendations Report for the quarter ending March 31. In compliance with Act 15 of 2010, the document includes requests from state agencies, boards and commissions for IT-related advice on topics such as planning and integration. Here are a few examples of project requests gathered from the report that may give you some more...

Executive Teleconference with Mark Myers, Chief Technology Officer, State of Arkansas

By Fred McKee | July 13, 2016

Speaker Bio Mark Myers is the Arkansas chief technology officer (CTO), state broadband manager and director of the Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS). As DIS director, Myers leads more than 200 information technology (IT) and other professionals responsible for the state network, telecommunications services and information systems. He has over 18 years of experience as a communications professional with a record of accomplishments in information operations, psychological...

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